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You keep a handgun around for personal protection and defense of your home. And you realize that you’ve got to keep it loaded if it’s going to do you any good. So you keep it loaded and you keep it handy, where you can get at it quickly... and you worry about someone- a child, for example- accidently getting shot.

If your handgun is loaded and handy, it is also dangerous. What have you done to make sure a child can’t get ahold of it? What have you done to give yourself a healthy margin of safety in this regard?

If your handgun is loaded and handy, it is also dangerous.
What have you done to make sure a child can’t get ahold of it?
Keep your guns safe from children with the Drag and Draw Gun Vault.

If you unload the gun, you can't expect an intruder or assailant to wait for you while you reload. If you put the gun in a hard-to-reach place, you might not live to regret it.

The Drag And Draw Gun Vault is the only handgun security device on the market with these features:


Heavy gauge steel construction.

* The Drag And Draw Gun Vault is a gun vault with entry access by way of your unique fingerprint.

* Can be opened in seconds. Scans and recognizes your fingerprint in less than one second. This means you can have a loaded gun in your hand in the blink of an eye.

* Biometric fingerprint identification allows ease of entry, even in the dark. But the best part about the biometric technology is the laser like accuracy of the reader. It scans at 500 DPI and delivers an amazing false acceptance rate of .0001 which means the odds of anyone breaking the biometric code is less than one in a million.

* You can store up to nine unique fingerprints to access the vault, so your spouse or any other adult in your home that you choose can access your weapon, even when you’re not home.

* You have complete control over who can access your hand gun.  Those whose finger prints have been stored can open the vault without a key, and no one else.

* Heavy foam padding holds gun snuggly- prevents nicks and scratches.

* Portable- take it with you when you travel, in your car, boat, or RV.  Comes with heavy steel cable so you can tether the vault almost anywhere to prevent theft.
* Click here for more specs.

Security – And Quick Access

The Drag And Draw Gun Vault was specially designed to solve this kind of problem. It is, without a doubt, the safest, most practical answer we’ve ever seen. The Drag And Draw Gun Vault is made with heavy gauge steel and has a deluxe, painted finish in black satin. It is lined with a foam padding that molds itself to just about any type of handgun on the market. When the Drag And Draw Gun Vault is closed, your handgun is held firmly in place, protected from scratches, dings, and rough handling.

But The Real Genius Of The Drag And Draw Gun Vault Is Its Unique, Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System.

The vault comes with a set of keys to open it manually, and takes just seconds to set up to recognize your unique fingerprint. You can add or remove any fingerprints, and it can store up to nine separate fingerprints at a time. Once your fingerprint is stored in the vault, you can open the Drag And Draw Gun Vault easily and quickly.

With the Drag And Draw Gun Vault, your handgun is ready for use in a moments notice. In a moment’s notice, your handgun is ready for use.

The Drag And Draw Gun Vault is the most effective, practical way possible to protect you and your family from the risk of an accidental shooting due to mishandling or tampering with a loaded handgun.

Now you can keep a protective handgun ready for instant use without fear of an accident. Take this important step to eliminate the potential for tragedy in your home. Get a Drag And Draw Gun Vault today.

The Drag And Draw Gun Vault uses biometric fingerprint recognition.

You may also send a check or money order in the amount of $179.95 (Illinois residents add $11.70 tax) plus $17.95 shipping and handling to the address below:

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Thomson, IL 61285

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Buy Yours Today!

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